9 months. The average length of a human gestation period. A rom com featuring (who else) Hugh Grant. And the time from The Open one year, to The Masters the next.

It feels like a long time, doesn’t it? (probably longer if you’re sitting through Hugh Grant’s off-the-shelf bumbling English gent performance)

Unfortunately, 9 months is also the length of the lay off that Turf’s Up have had, since it’s inception in late 2017. There are loads of reasons we could give you for this. Work commitments, family commitments, general laziness, too much golfing. They probably all apply to some degree. But in general, it was just a tough season on the links.

Dry July

We wanted to capture that frustration with our comeback video, that went live on social media this week. After a few WhatsApp messages reunited the group and reignited the passion for the project, it wasn’t long before Jack and Stu were back in front of camera, bearded, lacking shoes, and getting increasingly fed up with calls from behind the camera of “just one more time for safety”.

At this stage, it’s important that we make a full and frank apology to The Grove Golf Club, for the dishevelled state that Stu had allowed his jacket to get into. It made the perfect outfit for the video, but God know’s how it got so tatty. What’s equally puzzling, was that Stu decided to strip off beneath the coat, for no discernible reason, as ultimately/thankfully, no flesh was on show during the final video. It just gave him reason to moan about the cold.

An unnecessary show of flesh

Having gone so long without any updates or posts to social media, we were both surprised and delighted with the reception to the video. Not just with the numbers of video views, but also the numbers of new followers that have come on board.

So, that’s us back. And we want to continue to grow Turf’s Up and express our passion for all things golf and greenkeeping. So keep an eye out for future blog posts, podcasts and video. And probably some nonsense from Stu…


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